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Our Muldoon Elementary Partnership - It's a Beautiful Thing!

Wow! My heart is so full. God is so, so good - yes, all the time!

For those who may have missed it, our first Muldoon Elementary movie night last Friday (12/8) was just awesome. About 140 kids, family and school staff came out to see "Polar Express". We served up pizza and desert, and shared popcorn. We then slid into the fun with the Fire Department's Santa express (pictures, hot chocolate, and carols provided by C3) which arrived, sirens and all, after the movie finished. The turn-out was more than double what we expected, and the principal and school staff were so grateful. At least 18 C3'ers were there to serve and join in the fun.

Then there was tonight's (12/12) Family Math Night. About 10 C3'ers helped the school set up, serve food, and play math games with about 120 kids and family. We also helped clean up and close up the facility. Again, we got many, many expressions of gratitude from teachers, administrators and families along the way as Muldoon Elementary's newest school-business partner.

I am so proud of our church for being the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you so much to each and every one who made time to come, who prayed for those who served, and who contributed to the effort through your tithes and offerings. Indeed, WeRC3!

If you missed these two events, no worries. We have more opportunities at least once a month to love on our neighbors and serve them. More movie nights, more partnering on school events, and who knows what else! See Tina or me if you want to know more or have some specific way you want to help. There is plenty of room for all of us to offer a piece of our heart and life to see God do something amazing for our world.

~ Pastor Ben

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