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Evangelism: There's an APPP for that

Well, last week we studied a number of biblical models for sharing our faith. I probably should have used "witnessing" instead of "evangelizing", but sharing the Good News is what it is all about.

I don't know about you, but it is hard for me. It is doubly hard when I try to do it in a way that others tell me it has to be - something not all that consistent with who I am, how I interact, and language I use.

The "good news" about sharing the Good News is - there is more than one way!

I found 4 pretty quickly:

1. Andrew - Come & See; he invited people to come see Jesus. So did the woman at the well. Now long speeches, just an invitation to check out the man. They knew little, other than this was something significant.

2. Philip - Meet & Greet; he obeyed God, put himself in a position (go stand by that chariot) to engage, and when he saw the person reading, he said "what are you reading (or doing)?" The conversation then followed, and he didn't have to "shoehorn" Jesus into the conversation - it just happened.

3. Peter - Show & Tell; he allowed God to move (giving the Spirit, healing a lame man, giving him an audience (trial) before authorities. When they saw the acts and then asked, "What does this mean?", Peter was ready with the answer (a la I peter 3:15).

4. Paul - Go & Preach; Paul was chosen and set apart by his church family to go and find people to talk to about the Good News - he was bold, looking for opportunities. He went to where they were - synagogues, places of prayer, public forums - and preached the Gospel.

Andrew, Philip, Peter, Paul - a great APPP from God's App Store. So which are you? I posted a poll on Facebook to see how we go. I think I am kind of between Meet & Greet and Show & Tell (owing to our growing Muldoon School partnership).

By the way, let's at least all be Andrews, (or another AP - Aquilla and Priscilla, who held church in their home) and pray for opportunities to invite our friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors and co-workers (FRANC) to C3 and/or our home groups. That is not too threatening, but it is a way to expose folks to the saving grace of Jesus, and His mission to our world.

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